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Family Based Immigration

Elarar Law provides assistance for those seeking family-based visas and petitions. The decision to bring family members to the U.S. or to sponsor a family member who is deciding to stay in the U.S. permanently can be stressful, especially with concerns about financing, housing, employment and adjusting to the American culture or way of life. You might not know the options available to you or your family member, such as what documentation is required, how long the process will take, and how much the overall cost will be. Elarar Law can help you and your family member by guiding you throughout the process and each step of the way. We offer immigration services for families in various situations, including:

  • Family Visa Petitions (Spouse, Parent, Siblings, Child)

  • Adjustment of Status

  • Fiancé(e) Visas and Marriage Visas

  • Removal of Conditions of permanent residence

  • Consular Processing 

  • Violence Against Women (VAWA)

Elarar Law has experience helping individuals obtain family-based visas, which allow immediate relatives of U.S. citizens to receive immigrant visas. As a U.S. citizen or permanent residence, an individual has a right to request certain foreign-born family members to join them in the U.S., and Elarar Law can help.

Immediate relative immigrant visas are based on a close family relationship to a U.S. citizen which include spouses, parents, and children under the age of 21. Family preference immigrant visas are for distant family members of a U.S. citizens and some are for lawful permanent resident. The family preference categories include:

  1. Unmarried, adult sons and daughters (21 or older) of U.S. citizens (F1)

  2. Spouses and unmarried children (under 21) of permanent residents (F2A)

  3. Unmarried adult sons and daughters of permanent residents (F2B)

  4. Married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens (F3)

  5. Brothers and sisters of adult U.S. citizens (F4)

Consular Processing Assistance

Elarar Law can assist you with consular processing for a family-based visa at a U.S. consular post abroad. We can help you determine what type of immigrant petition required to obtain a green card through consular processing, analyze your circumstances to resolve your legal issues and help you gather the necessary documents and fill out all the forms and supporting documents to expedite your case.

Adjustment of Status

Elarar Law provides comprehensive full service for every type of adjustment of status for permanent residents. We ensure that we make the process of obtaining a green card as simple as possible. 

Adjustment of status is a way for a foreign national to become a lawful permanent resident while living in the U.S. This process is an alternative to an immigrant visa, which is usually done through a U.S. consulate while the individual lives abroad which is known as consular processing.

Which process is faster: Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing?

Depending on the processing time at USCIS, adjustment of status can be more efficient and the preferred method for many immigration because an applicant does not have to go back to their home country, they are able to gain employment, they will have permission to travel while the process is pending and they get to live in the U.S. while the application is pending.

What are the requirements for Adjustment of Status?

To be eligible for adjustment of status, an individual must be physically in the U.S. and have legally entered the U.S. (except VAWA).

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